Window Cleaning Services

Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning

As an Owner operated window cleaning service and home care business we are there working on the job directly and take pride in providing you with the best services we have to offer.

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Our window cleaning service consist of a 5 star service process that will brighten your view and ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Screens are removed and cleaned with water and dried.

The window pane is inspected to identify the type of glass and tint (if any) to ensure no damage is done.

A clean mop with safe and environmentally friendly detergent is used to wash the window of dirt.

Stainless steel razors are used (as needed) to remove paint and other foreign materials. For tempered glass we use 0000x steel wool or a damp rag to prevent any scratches.

A squeegee is then used to remove the water, letting the light shine in.

The tracks and sills are wiped clean and dry. The screens are then placed carefully back in.

At the end of our work, we will walk through with you to inspect each window making sure that you are 100% satisfied.