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Why should I Clean My Solar Panels

A Solar Panel System is a significant investment. Giving your panels a good cleaning can help your system last longer, look nicer, and generate more energy so you can save more money and reduce your carbon footprint.

In dryer areas such as Colorado, dust and other substances like bird droppings can build up over time on the panels and impact the amount of energy generated by a module. 

Grime and bird droppings do not need to cover an entire panel to have an effect.

According to the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology " one of the contributing factors in the drop of efficiency of  solar panels is the accumulated dust on the panel. In practice, dust must be removed from the surface in order to ensure highest performance."

Solar Energy Power Association notes that dirty panels can lose more than 20% of their energy output. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory shows it to be at least 25%.

How our Solar Panel Cleaning Service works

Our solar panel cleaning method is safe and effective.

We use a clean wet (water only) micro fiber hand mop attached to a plastic extension pole (as needed to reach panels not normally accessible) to soak and remove all dust and substances from the solar panels.

Then a squeegee is used to remove the water so the solar panel is clear and clean.

Before and after photos are taken to ensure that you are satisfied with our work. 


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